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Koninklijke Balboogmaatschappij St. Servatius Aalst

Ralph Payne Gallway

Dit is de Omschrijving van de Balboog door de Engelse Wapendeskundige Sir Ralph Payne Galway in 1903 Crossbow with Barrel - As now used in Belgium. It is an adaptation of the 16th century slurbow which discharged a bolt. This weapon is, however, constructed for bullets, wich it shoots with great accuracy and considerable force up tot fifty yards. The bore of its steel barrel is 5/8 inch diameter. Its spherical bullet is equal in weight to 3s. 9d. in silver coin of the realm. The steel bow is 4 inch longer, 1/4 inch wider and 1/8 inch thicker at its centre - than the bow of the crossbow last described, its power being proportionately greater. This crossbow shoots with more force than the Englisch bullet crossbow, the reason being that it has a single bow-string which acts directly on the projectile. The Belgian weapon requires, however, a seperate lever to bend its bow, and besides this inconvenience it is heavy in comparison with the on of Englisch make which descharges a bullet. As regards accuracy for rook-shooting, the Belgian crossbow is quite equal to a rifle, and its bullet wil knock a rook lifeless without cutting it to pieces. The extreme distance this crossbow throws its bullets, is about 380 yards.